ERC stands for Enterprise Resource Collaboration.

Every business in order to run and expand, need access to various resources at different stages. These range from Capital, Infrastructure, Manpower, Technology, Know How etc. The list is long. An Enterprise needs some or all of these resources at every stage. An Entrepreneur is constantly facing the challenge to gather up the resources to achieve objectives. In the process he gets deviated from the original ideas, plans and schedules and waste precious time, effort and capital on integrating the required resources. The process is painful and surely takes away the attention away from where it should be, business.

Here is where ERC MAX extends a helping hand. ERC through its ventures/network/base provide the entrepreneurs with the kind of resources required at the right time with the right arrangement. We strive to maximize value and output of each and every resource. ERC MAX is gradually and increasingly becoming capable of handling most of your entrepreneurial challenges, so that you can concentrate on just one thing that matters. Your Business.

Start Business, Run it, Scale it - with ease

Start Your Own Business with Low/No Investment

You Start - We Support

Business at the Speed of thought

Build that 2nd Source & 3rd

In case you are engaged in your profession but still are aspiring for an extra bit of income, we can be of assistance. We will converse and analyze your situation based on your skills, knowledge, time, expertise, interests or even public relations. We believe everyone has something special to contribute to the world. You have something that you can do it better than rest of the world. Maybe you know it already or we will find out. In any case we are confidant to arrive at some suitable outcome that will leave you better off personally and well of financially.

Find the right business for yourself

You might be stuck in a particular position because of some compulsion or circumstance. Change seems like a improbable leap. Well with ERC MAX you can create the possibilities of a favorable environment as we are dealing in possibilities and nothing excites us more than potentials and amazing possibilities.

We can show, suggest, create, plan and implement a business that is just suitable for you.

Sell with us

Merchants can gain immensely from our large pool of customers and can increase their sales and profits without increasing their investment. Collaborating with our platform like Zoogol you can expect Macro Outputs with Micro Inputs. Zoogol provides you access to millions of interested customers without you spending a single rupee in advertising investment. It works in a very convenient and profitable Pay Per Purchase Model.

ERC MAX is gathering up all the resources needed to start and scale a small business. The sole objective of ERC Max is to provide appropriate environment, adequate resources and timely mentoring to an entrepreneur and help him grow. ERC is striving to establish a positive line of trust so that new possibilities emerge and endure at a fascinating speed.

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