A Community of Starprenuers

Starprenuers are Entrepreneurs who have started their entrepreneurial journeys recently or not so recently, have brought significant disruption or are in the process of creating disruption. In their journey so far, they have acquired some rich experience, exposure, resources, technology and valuable inputs that are shareable with other co entrepreneurs to ease their journeys. They voluntarily and happily share these experiences and resources with fellow entrepreneurs selflessly and without any monetary expectations. They are Mentors/Advisors/Godfathers/Heroes willingly giving back to society, a bit of the best they have got. In the process they too embibe/derive some real and tangible benefits for themselves hence effecting a progressive and enriching relationship.

Which ever side you are on...seeking help or seeking to help, the world does need to have more of you in whichever or however small a way. No effort or contribution is small.

All these tiny little contributions go a long way to create a successful entrepreneur and enterprise.

The fruits of such thoughts and contributions are highly satisfying and bring back energies and rewards that rate much above the usual monetary pursuits.

If you relate to this mention, seek to help or seek help...drop in your name and contact details in a personal message at 6283285828 and we will contact you for furtherance.

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