Invest in Ideas

Thinking of Investment, but do not know where and how. Bank Interests and Fixed Deposits earn meager returns. Mutual Funds are too long term. Investment in Gold is passé. Direct equity exposure can be risky. There’s nothing more painful than finance lying idle, when it has the potential to create wonders. Here is where ERC MAX can be profitably yours. We have ideas needing investments from Rs. 10,00,000 ( USD 12500 ) to Rs. 8 crores ( USD 1 Million ). The ideas are exciting and offer promise. We offer realistic and practical outcomes. But at times even our enthusiasm knows no boundaries. We are excitedly handling sizable investments and working towards an everlasting era of consistent growth and profitability.
If you are looking for exciting opportunities and profitable ideas. Get in touch.

Start A Non Working Low Investment Business

Usually a Non Working Low Investment Business seems to be a myth and more often than not most of the business models created around this objective are somewhat shady or extremely low on returns.
At ERC MAX VENTURES we are contemplating to change that and are in the process of creating exciting and tangible business opportunities and ecosystem. Our objective is to derive maximum output to the allocated inputs.
We have created opportunities that go beyond assured return models of real estate and low return on fixed deposits. Investing in ideas can make good sense. In case you are willing to explore the potential of ideas we are just a call away.

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